Spanish are not lazy, their politicians are

Contrary to what foreign media say and many people think about Spain, all Spaniards aren´t lazy. If we were lazy Germany (who sells itself as the most hard working country in Europe) wouldn´t be trying to import thousands of young highly qualified Spaniards to work there.

What has become clear to us is that our politicians, the ones that go around the world saying that represent Spain are the lazy ones, following Germany and international markets directions instead of fighting for what their citizens need. They embody a part of our culture that most of us don´t agree with and consider from another century: the culture of the minimum effort and maximum benefit no matter the method or the consequences. Yes it is our fault that those people are in the governement since we voted them. But unfortunately we hadn´t have much of a choice and until recently nor the means to see how other system work so we could compare. The institutional system defined in the 70´s after Franco died is the cause of all our current problems as Julio Anguita has denounced (one of the few valuable politicians in our country that many are hoping comes back from his retirement in this time of need). It was created by the same politicians that are still nowadays working in the two main parties of the country, PP and PSOE, and apart from getting a feeling of evolution from a Dictatorship it helped them to protect themselves and be able to have all the control without being challenged in any way by the society.

When the time for Democrazy came this closed group of people defined the rules that the country would follow for elections, how the justice branch would function and be appointed and the legal penalties for each type of crime. These three things have made possible that they could do whatever they wanted with an impunity proper of thirld world countries. They decided that the citizens will have to vote an ideology not to a party since the lists will be closed and the representatives are chosen by the party, so they could control directly all the policies. Thus politicians follow party directions and don´t have any contact with voters, many representatives represent an area in which they don´t live and know anything about. Their isolation from society is complete and they will only interact with people if they want to, and time has proved they don´t. The justice system is practical terms appointed by the political parties almost in its entirity, which makes justice a slave of politics: corruption cases are dismissed when they impact the party in power in that jurisdiction and promoted when they damage the opposition. Likewise corruption cases have a very low penalty compared to regular bulglary, a person will go to jail sooner for steling a loaf of bread to eat than taking one million euros from the public treasury, and is never forced to give it back. Thus politicians have been living for years inside of a bubble doing whatever the party decided, and to our disgrace they never felt like doing good for the citizens, they prefer following power lobbies and their personal benefit till the end.

Since the 80s politicians in power have sold all the public companies we had at a ridiculous price always benefiting companies controled by their families or friends making sure any debts were paid with public funds before selling so the new owners only get profits. When Europe demanded that we reduced our agriculture production (for example forcing us to stop cultivating olives although Spanish oil is considered one of the best in the world despite of current Italian’s dominance) they assumed the demand without confronting it even though that forces us to spend money importing things we used to produce, export less and limit our growth. They have innundated the system with assessor roles and innecesary construction projects done without people’s consent (the system doesn’t force any consultation nor provides control mechanisms like in another countries) given to their friends and family members at public’s money expense. They haven´t invested in any industry, just sat in their chairs seeing how constuction became the first economic force even knowing the consequences: artificial increase of home values with people having to spend more than before to buy the same house and a huge amount of young people leaving school before graduating to satisfy the low qualified jobs demand. Now with the crisis we have 3 million of empty houses, millions of useless assessors and construction works, millions of unemployed people that required training if they are to obtain any other job not construction related, millions evicted from their homes (organising to occupy empty houses) and no industry that could impulse the economy except the few tourists that visit us (mostly European since the Euro is so high that Spain is too expensive for people living in other currencies) because they have decided a country with more than 300 sunny days per year in some areas shouldn´t invest in renewable energy although many Spanish renewable companies are successfully working in other countries like USA and now we face a law-suit from renewable energy investors due to senseless cuts.

At the moment there are more than 400 politicians suspected of corruption, almost all are keeping their political duties and priviledges whilst being judged and keep appearing in the lists because is the party’s choice. All the major parties have corruption cases, with stong evidence of the party in goverment financing themselves illegally for years through donations from construction companies in exchange of allocating public projects to them, althogh this is not exclusive of this party and has happened at all institutional levels independently from the party governing; likewise the Monarchy is being investigated for corruption and trafficking of influences. We have a national government applying all the austerity measures Germany and Europe want and when people make demonstrations in the streets they order police to charge as if we were a thirld world country without any human rights.They don´t feel any need of giving explanations of their actions; our President hasn´t made a press conference with questions since November 2012, he has appeared once thorught a television, and the rest of the government follows that approach; in the State of the Union address the president admitted he hasn´t follow any of his electoral promises claiming that he is doing what he has to do instead (following Germany above the compromise he established with 11 million voters) and they haven´t given no reasonable explanation about their dubious finances, if it weren´t for the press we wouldn´t know anything; obviously they are preparing a law to make illegal publishing any news related to corruption. They got 40000 millions of Euros from Europe claiming that they would go to the banks so they could start giving credit to small companies and people but that money has gone to pay French, Dutch and German banks instead of the society. People that are loosing their homes started an information campaign in the streets, going to areas where politicians live since they don´t provide any other point of contact, and the Secretary of the party in governement calls them nazis and has mobilised police against those protest.

The main party in the opposition has a leader that has been 20 years in politics, was vicepresident less than two years ago (when his party was in power and started applying austerity meassures despite being called Socialist party and being supposed to support citizens, not banks or markets) and lost the last elections. Nevertheless he considers himself fit to lead the opposition, even though no one in the country agrees with him.

If we put together all this it is fair to say that the lazy ones that live above their possibilities in Spain are politicians and all that benefit from their activities. They do what they are told by foreign bodies in direct opposition to Spain’s interest and the advice of Nobel price winners that offer other solutions, don´t bother giving any explanations and use all means at their disposal to protect themselves. During this economic turmoil times none of them has reduced costs of the political system they created with lots of public companies without any meaning apart from providing a salary to them and their friends, neither they have reduced their salary or benefits, in fact the president of the nation has increased his 27%, they fly first class, catering orders are a norm, private car with driver, as if they were rock stars instead of servants of the society. We complain and demand common sense, they ignore us and call us names.

Meantime Spaniards were forced to get a pay cut while seeing their duties doubled having to do their job and the job left from the people that got fired (almost every company in the country has reduced salaries and fired thousands of people even if the company was making profits, after all the less workers the more profits), have to spend more money on their health (medicines and general services since there are privatising hospitals) and their education (schoolarships at all levels have been reduced). Millions have left the country, specially young highly qualified that are required to have 5 years experience to get to any job in Spain without no one giving them a chance.

We are ashamed and angry with our politicians and their lack of compromise towards the society that pays their salary. They have left us without any industry and now are destroying our social net instead of making banks pay for the crisis they originated with their unregulated greed; specially German banks that voluntarily invested in our banks knowing the risk of those investments and now are demanding the state to pay that private debt instead of going after the Spanish banks and assume some loss in their investments so both parts can survive. Spain had only 30% of its GDP in debt on 2008, less than Germany, we were doing ok, the banks have destroyed that, not Spaniards living above their posibilities as they want everyone to believe. Since banks control all the economy and we don´t want citizens of other countries to pay our debts, we just need Europe to devaluate the Euro so we can borrow cheaper to pay our bills and increase our exports since we would be more competitive; otherwise we demand we leave Europe because we don’t want to be Germany slaves, I rather live poorer and free. They don´t listen to us and neither talk to us. People are organising themselves because contrary to their opinion we are not a bunch of brainless beings. We can only hope people from another countries understand our situation and support us from the outside giving us voice to put more pressure on our politicians and perhaps join us since many countries are in a similar situation (Italy, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus).


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  1. Just work and create a company yourself in Spain in order to get Spain back on track instead of writing this useless blog. Don’t wait until somebody else does it for you because this will never happen! Or do you seriously believe the western “diligent” world would invest in Spain any further???

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